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Dental Treatment Fees and Payment Options

Denplan Care

If you prefer the security of an inclusive dental plan and wish to avoid unexpected dental bills, then Denplan Care is for you. This is the most inclusive dental care plan in the UK. You must be dentally healthy to join and will be placed into a care band related to your past and expected future needs.

To join, simply call the practice to book a consultation and your dentist will carry out a Denplan assessment.

Denplan Care Membership Fees 2023 (monthly rate)

MONTHLY FEE £20.43 £29.67 £37.67 £52.43 £64.47

More information can be found on the Denplan Website

Private Fees (From January 2023)

Consultations             Private Fee     Denplan Fee

New patient examination and x-rays                                                    

£94 £94

Emergency visit                                                                                                   

£59 Inclusive

6 monthly examination and x-rays                                                              

£59 Inclusive
Hygiene Therapy (with Hygienist) Private Fee Denplan Fee

Scaling and Polishing                                                                                                                                                                   

£87 Inclusive

Root Surface Cleaning         

£189 Inclusive
Tooth Treatments Private Fee Denplan Fee

Small Gradia Direct Filling                                                                                

£145 Inclusive

Medium Gradia Direct Filling                                                                        

£236 Inclusive

Large Gradia Direct Filling                                                                            

£254 Inclusive


£675 Lab fee only

Crown and bridge units (price from)                                                   

£675 Lab fee only
Root Canal Therapy Private Fee Denplan Fee

Single Canal Tooth                                                                                             

£416 Inclusive

Double Canal Tooth                                                                                           

£546 Inclusive

Multi Canal Tooth                                                                                               

£683 Inclusive
Tooth Removal Private Fee Denplan Fee


£145 Inclusive

Surgical Extraction                                                                                           

£236 Inclusive
Dentures Private Fee Denplan Fee

Acrylic Denture (per jaw)                                                                        

£839 Lab fee only

Cobalt-Chromium Denture (per jaw)                                                            

£1485 Lab fee only
Cosmetic Treatments Private Fee Denplan Fee

Airflow Power Stain Removal (per session)                                                                                                                               

£121 £121

Teeth Whitening (Night Guard Technique)                                        

£480 £480

We try to avoid “prices from” whenever possible. Some treatments however do vary in complexity, time required, materials and laboratories used. A written treatment plan with an estimate of costs will always be provided.

NHS Fees

For information about the current NHS dental fees please visit

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