Crowns & Bridges

Restorative Dental Treatment with Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used to protect teeth weakened through extensive treatment, or to improve the appearance of heavily filled or discoloured/misshapen teeth. A thin layer of tooth is removed under local anaesthetic in order to create the space for the crown material. An impression is taken and the tooth is fitted with a temporary crown until the new crown is made by the laboratory. There are many options for crown materials depending on the tooth and the clinical situation, so please discuss this with your dentist.

Dental Bridges

Bridgework is one option for replacing missing teeth. One or both teeth either side of a missing tooth are used to anchor a false tooth in the space. There are different types of bridges requiring different amounts of preparation to the retaining teeth.

Your dentist will discuss the most appropriate options for you.

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